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[1/2] In light of recent events, we removed our (little) content from LBRY/Odysee, and will be happy to accept suggestions for an alternative privacy-oriented video hosting platform for future content.

The increasing "cryptocurrency" focus of the platform design is, predictably, distracting from making and consuming actual content. It is essentially a trading platform, with fees for content creation, constant buy/sell mechanisms that mess with the usability.

(original: made a video of the eMMC speed mod procedure for the that we covered here (

Expert users only - try at your own risk!

Polished up my weekend project a bit, made a webpage that tracks the amount of patches on top of the linux for a few Linux phone repositories.

After a bit of research, our ranking and buying guide for phones is out! It is meant to focus on the overall usability of the devices, and will be updated in the future as the situation evolves. We hope it helps!

Someone just came into the Pinephone chatroom to share a "snake game"... claiming it was their first attempt at making a game.

Problem was, this was *malware*. Created using bashfuscator. 😈

Preparing another patch for the swipe-typing keyboard (#wvkbd on #SXMO on the #pinephone)

Any thoughts on the color choice? #postmarketOS @postmarketOS

Emmc modded pmos edge phosh load times:

Power on to phosh login screen: 32.30s
Settings app start: 7.03s
Terminal start: 2.40s
Chatty: less than 1s (no messages in db)
Reboot time to phosh login screen: 42.69s
Firefox load pmos home screen : 7.43s

Would anyone care to compare these to an unmodified pinephone with a fresh pmos edge install on emmc?

So I did this mod ( that was on the HN front page a while ago. The soldering was very difficult for me, so I don't think a newbie should attempt it. After the mod, emmc OSs would often fail to boot, but microSD OSs booted fine and seemed to have no trouble mounting and accessing the emmc. With pmos and the device package mod flashed via pmbootstrap, the phone boots from the emmc fine. Speed "feels" better, but fio results are meh.

(Reposting as a public toot)

@tuxdevices @martijnbraam Thanks for sharing. Hardware-wise, I would argue that the Pinephone is a bit more free than the devices supported by Replicant as it runs a stable and free bootloader.

However, one important aspect neglected here is security. Software-wise, only offers vastly outdated Android versions with tons of security holes in their stable branch. On the other hand, offers recent software.

See also my old mid-2019 article on that:

Here I made an anti-NFT! No blockchain is needed, because it belongs to everyone. Yes, even you, it's yours! Feel free to boost, screenshot, or right click & save! <3

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