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The Volla X will also come with pre-installed Ubuntu Touch from and gives the device a even tougher look. If you want to pre-order, go to - shipping in August 2021

Just some screenshots of Tubefeeder a Youtube client running on the

I call it "client" but it's really more of a feed reader specialized on Youtube and opening videos in mpv so it allows you to watch videos from people you follow but nothing else. I wish it had better desktop support because it's exactly how I want to watch Youtube! :D

Big thanks to Schmiddiii (Github) for the amazing work!

My second mainline port (Xiaomi Mi 5) is in. Still quite early due to limited SoC support, but most basic things should work. Enjoy 🎉

The Nvidia Tegra kernel tree is moving quite fast (e.g., we pushed some changes to Fujitsu M532 / Asus Transformers just in the last days), so even 1 GB models are getting relatively usable.

A nice chance to get that 9-year-old tablet out of its drawer once again, in case you own one.

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 104

Ubuntu Touch Q&A104 is this Saturday 17th of July at 19:00 UTC there is still plenty of time to post your questions. Forum questions get priority so use the forum link before this special Q&A then Youtube Livechat and Telegram during the show.

Forum Link :


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #UBportsQandA #Ubuntu #Lomiri #Miroil #OTA18

Our semi-official Reddit community, r/tuxphones, has just reached its first 1.000 members.

It is a small and extremely friendly place to discuss phones, so feel free to join us there!

First experiments of using my now-Linux tablet as a second display for my workstation

My mainline porting on Xiaomi Mi5 (Snapdragon 820) is starting to get quite usable. Not complete or stable, but (some) GPU acceleration and most basic features are in.

Most parts of the kernel work are by, mine is an overlay on top of that tree.

( + )

This take ( is hilarious.

Instead of bringing the average mobile device lifespan to the same level as that of computers, we should "change PCs as often as we do with phones to support the business model of hardware manufacturers"?

A gentle reminder that Windows 11 is nothing more than a Windows 10 reskin: *real* minimum requirements are identical

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