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"One year ago, Nvidia Tegra 2/3 was not bootable at all in the project. As of today, at least 9 devices powered by this chip are already in postmarketOS with full mainline support - meaning that the number of Linux-running devices outside the main repository is likely to be higher"

Per the requirements of the site, you need to be 13 to be here.

With that bad joke out of the way: CONGRATS! 🎉

So I spent the last few hours on taking pictures of cats with the rear camera of my Librem 5. Yep, that's my job now. #librem5 #gnu #linux #mobile #cat #caturday

All credit for the camera support goes to Dorota, Martin and Angus: @merge @purism

I've reworked #phosh's system modal authentication prompts to all use a common base class. This makes it simple to add new features like swipe-away based on @exalm code and to get consistent styling:

#librem5 @purism #gnomeonmobile

Calculator in the next version of PureOS will be featureful and fully adaptive! Maybe it's good enough to reach upstream GNOME too. 🙂

Disassemble Librem 5

"The Librem 5 is designed for longevity with software updates for life, but part of longevity is also being able to repair a device outside of warranty."

#librem5 #freedom #hardware

The team has released a new update about their progress. The homescreen is now more intuitive, a new mobile interface was added to Elisa, Koko got an image editor and much more...

Poll here, feel free to comment if not on list:

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A quick poll to phone users: what desktop do you use on your / / ..., and what are the main drawbacks you found in it?

This would be useful to know what projects our readers would be most interested in following.

📰 just made sideloading Android Wear apps harder

"Android Wear smartwatches are an extremely common breed of wearables. Being full of features and comparatively cheap, it is increasingly common to spot them on people's wrists. While the OS is far from flawless, partly due to the heavy Java-based software stack..."

Read more:

"Masks and vaults: how anonymity overshadows real online privacy"

My latest opinion article projects my concerns about the fundamentally different concepts of privacy and anonymity being used interchangeably in many contexts. Slightly longer and more intense read than usual, but in the hope you will find it helpful.

Thanks to the awesome work of @alexeymin, Discover now supports #apk (the Alpine Linux package manager)! Coming soon in a @postmarketOS edge upgrade near you, and also the upcoming v21.03 release!

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