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I have been testing several Linux flavours on my Google Nexus 5 for a while, and have condensed my general thoughts on it in this article, where I also tried to compare it with the more popular "true Linux" smartphones on the market.

Adventures of porting postmarketOS to the Librem 5

"I’ve been longing to drop the shackles of Android ever since I made the decision to stop using my Nokia N900. Nokia had given up on Linux phones, and it was clear that there would be no further security patches for my favorite smartphone of all time. "

Guest post by @craftyguy

#privacy #freedom #security

📰 Puri_sm announces Android app support for the

"With the Purism blog featuring frequent updates about both the internals and the software development progress of this "pure Linux" phone, several changes are occurring under the hood all the way up to the Evergreen batch, which is supposed to be the first "production ready" hardware revision. The latest change arrives with the in-depth integration of Anbox in the Debian-based PureOS..."

Read more:

Got some speedups in the megapixels app for the

This is with the rear camera running at 1080p, it can also do 5MP but that halves the framerate.

For those of you who are unsure between getting a or a , this article from some months ago is still relevant, and compares the two devices well beyond their technical specifications.

📰 New article: adds postmarketOS CE and higher-spec'd "convergence" variants to their line-up

After the PinePhone "BraveHeart" and the first Community Edition, Pine64 has released a new revision of their popular Linux phone, as announced in their July Update, their "biggest update in months". The new "postmarketOS Edition" variant ("1.2A") doubles on storage as an option, offering 32 vs. 16GB of eMMC and...

You can read more here:

Librem 5 Dogwood: Update 3

"The Librem 5 Dogwood batch has finished our manufacturing and is finalizing testing and fulfillment all from Purism headquarters before shipping to those who are part of this batch."

#freedom #privacy #librem5

📰 New article: CutiePi Shell "Sidekick" mode brings Linux convergence to the next level

"Back in 2013 or so, "convergence" was one of the most trending topics in mobile software development, taking inspiration from responsive web development and the gap between desktop and mobile CPUs quickly narrowing. However, between 2015 and 2018 this trend seemed to disappear entirely, partly due to..."

You can read it here:

The Risks of Proprietary Software: TikTok

- 37.70% of known ip addresses linked to TikTok that were found inside of APK sourcecode are linked to; a Chinese sanctioned ISP located in Hangzhou.
- Alibaba’s privacy policy states that they share and distribute personal information of itsusers

VICE: The PinePhone Is an Open-Source, Community Developed iOS and Android Competitor

The device runs on a version of Linux modified by a community of developers and is designed to last 10 years.

Read more in the latest 👇 #longevity #fairelectronics #fairphone2


The Fairphone 2, which launched with Android 5 Lollipop, is now getting a 9 Pie beta

🐦🔗: is an independent site with news and articles about mobile devices running Linux:


Their website is (of course)

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Fosstodon has always taken the approach of supporting what we're focused on; open source projects. As such, we're preparing to make another round of donations and, this time, we're make 2 donations in the amount of $200.00 each!

In the next few days, we'll be posting a survey link seeking your submissions for open source projects that you want us to show some love to. While submissions will be open to our Fosstodon Community Members, the final vote will be determined by our Patreons.

⚠️ As a consequence of the authorization to DEA to "investigate protestors", Stingray cell phone hijackers are now legal the US, which means that *lots* of mobile phones will be probably tracked within hours.

Countermeasures include Faraday cages ("metal boxes") for storing your phone while not actively needed and IMSI catcher apps, which however were proved to be flawed by design.

Stay strong, stay safe.


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