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πŸ“° New article: New "SXMO" PinePhone desktop brings a full, lightweight tiling-based experience to Linux phones

List of all native Linux smartphones, tablets and wearables [update: added Volla Phone]

iPhone 7 boots postmarketOS, becomes the first Apple Linux smartphone [update: Wayland and graphical environments work!]

We recently featured two inspiring #Purism community stories on our blog and the interview in the first was conducted by community member @thibaultamartin You all are amazing πŸ™Œ πŸŽ‰ πŸš€

Building a #Librem5 app with #Rust and #GTK

Conversation with fphemeral:
Community Member & Librem 5 Early Adopter

#Linux #LinuxMobile #privacy

@PINE64 apparently someone in your forums got Verizon VoLTE to work on the #pinephone on Debian phosh with modemmanager FYI. This is really exciting.

We've received our internal Dogwood batch πŸŽ‰ and will be sharing news of the hardware changes and improvements to performance, battery life and thermals soon! #Librem5

Nemo Mobile has been updating itself from Qt 5.6 to Qt 5.12 and working on PinePhone support. Soon you can read more about it on their new website!

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