@Blort the sensor can, although we need a mainline implementation for that :)

I've just received a from a (US-based) reader of our review, after observing how rare those devices are even in the mobile Linux niche. This will be our test bench for kernels and mobile Linux software from now onwards.

The maker community is amazing. ~R

@DaisyLee I would say a mainlined Android phone with good Linux support, such as the OnePlus 6/6T. However, for very llight usage, the PinePhone should also work.

@bart Thanks! Is it also possible to do that after posting?

Bitcoin trackers are fun... as long as they point downwards

Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index - ccaf.io/cbeci/index

What would you like to see in postmarketOS v21.12 SP5?

Call management 📞 and phone status reports 🔋 📶 with HFP devices are coming to :linux: 📱 through & 🔊 on @postmarketOS !

Dialing numbers, accepting, rejecting, and hanging up calls are possible through any HFP device so you drive safely while making a call!

See the demo on @peertube: tube.tchncs.de/w/xbfPeVxkZF3Ta

Of course there's already an MR: gitlab.freedesktop.org/pulseau

@PINE64 @purism @mobian @linmob @tuxdevices

Confirmed that the supports up to two external 4K displays, one through HDMI and one through Type-C, without issues.

Actually, I wired both outputs to separate inputs of the only desktop monitor to find out.

Can't wait for the new arrivals to discover they can use their fedi account to follow video channels on @peertube instances, photo stories on @pixelfed instances, events on @mobilizon , musicians on @funkwhale , and @owncast streams.


Want a preview of what our creative team is building using the Librem 14? Here is the making of a professional-grade animation project using Librem 14, @Krita and @blender.


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