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- Italian translation by Alain Mauri (

- VSCod(ium) code tour for translators by Tomas Ekeli ( who also wrote the Norwegian translation

- French translation improvement by goofy-mdn (

Thank you all :) 💕


I've tagged another git snapshot of #feedbackd with a bunch of fixes.

Here's the list of changes:

#feedbackd is used by #phosh, #calls and others to provide haptic, audio and led feedback.

#librem5 #gnome #gnomeonmobile

must recognize that two kinds of phone users exist: those who care about Google services, and those who do about unlockable bootloaders.

No wonder the business strategy is failing if a walled garden is replaced with another, less attractive one.

@skilpa Nothing is known yet - projects like Sailfish and Ubuntu Touch are considered "Linux" for their userspace even if they are not on mainline, but there is indeed a huge difference in the long run between the two

@bart yes, absolutely libhybris - it's essentially wrapped around the downstream kernel from what I understand. The chip I found so far (Unisoc/Tiger) has actually not been officially announced, so who knows what it will use. PowerVR is the big obstacle

The A1 is a tablet with 2K display, pen input, 5G and much more [updated: specs, official release video, pre-order link]

"One year ago, Nvidia Tegra 2/3 was not bootable at all in the project. As of today, at least 9 devices powered by this chip are already in postmarketOS with full mainline support - meaning that the number of Linux-running devices outside the main repository is likely to be higher"

@dos Is that the same sensor as the Mi 9T? In such case, it could take awesome pictures with some calibration 🔥

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