Nemo Mobile has been updating itself from Qt 5.6 to Qt 5.12 and working on PinePhone support. Soon you can read more about it on their new website!

@thibaultamartin @bart yes, just assembled in Germany (which is already quite rare for a consumer electronics device)

@bart I am skeptical as well, but it'd still be interesting to have one of the very first EU manufactured phones running Linux as well :)

Developer gets Linux kernel booting on iPhone 7 and A10-equipped iPads (update: video output on LCD now works!)

- it's some sort of mini-os for debugging/sideloading stuff but i'm no expert
- loaded into ram as "live booted with root filesystem in ramdisk, not permanently installed and with no flash storage drivers yet"
- bare metal (as far as I can tell from the tweet)

In my way to @fosdem now. And of courses I boarded my bus using the PinePhone running postmarketOS and Plasma Mobile using KDE Itinerary! So awesome!

@krille in years, if ever. Porting Linux to these platforms satisfyingly requires lots of work

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