A quick poll to phone users: what desktop do you use on your / / ..., and what are the main drawbacks you found in it?

This would be useful to know what projects our readers would be most interested in following.

Plasma Mobile has received tons of improvements and UI polishing in the last weeks, and introduced a new "Plasma Nano" minimal package for embedded devices.


is a fork of GIMP with a moderized user interface - and a less offensive name to encourage usage also in professional environments. It is also somewhat related to the original project (developed also by some GNOME devs) and promises to work together with upstream developers.


As anticipated in the poll of last week, I'm currently developing an unified resource tells you if your or smartwatch is able to boot any (and what) kind of , with information on its current level of support (alpha to daily driver) and also aimed (in the limits this field allows) at relatively inexperienced users.

More details, and hopefully an usable/useful release, in the next days/weeks!

My latest project is trying to build a shell for old smartphones that uses as little RAM as possible. The first prototype (in the picture below) uses a Widgets UI (now ~20MB RAM, but many things are missing) on an WM (~10MB RAM). The idea would be having a "LXDE for smartphones", especially very old ones. Thoughts? :)


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