Bitcoin trackers are fun... as long as they point downwards

Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index -

Confirmed that the supports up to two external 4K displays, one through HDMI and one through Type-C, without issues.

Actually, I wired both outputs to separate inputs of the only desktop monitor to find out.

Found a way to have almost zero-latency, wireless video streaming on a virtual secondary screen, i.e.: using a mainline Linux tablet (with working GPU) as a portable second screen for your Linux desktop.

The amazing (review next week!) is seen here for this purpose

A very first unboxing of the Tablet, the first open-hardware Raspberry Pi 4-powered handheld by the Taiwan/Japan-based open hardware startup.

This device is based on a CM 4 (2GB RAM in our sample), and sports fully open-hardware, and easy to replicate, board design, which incorporates a HD screen, 5MP camera and several other sensors, all enclosed in a solid chassis.

An in-depth review will arrive in the next weeks, as soon as I manage to get rid of some other work!

We have just turbocharged our back-end to allow for much faster caching, slightly better theming, and an overall faster experience. Please let us know if you find any issues on pages in the next days!

⚠️ PSA: aside from the marketing claims, ""s, are probably Google Pixels re-flashed with GrapheneOS and sold at a premium.

Points expressed in the announcement do not differ from other refurbished models, and the "4.5 years" of support are just as provided by Google.

While not explicitly mentioned, this qualifies as one of the projects to openly avoid from our list,

[2/2] Furthermore, the management (see @OdyseeTeam / @LBRYcom on Twitter) is not only immature and overly focused on the cryptocurrency (reads "get rich") part, but also making... arguable claims on women and people on the autistic spectrum.

On the other hand, , looks overall more genuine and FOSS-friendly, so we will probably have better luck there!

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Linux on Tegra grows!

On ASUS Transformer (TF101/201/300/600) tablets, the open-source U-Boot bootloader can now replace the closed-source "stock" one, thanks to work by Svyatoslav Ryhel (clamor-s/clamor95)

The Nvidia Tegra kernel tree is moving quite fast (e.g., we pushed some changes to Fujitsu M532 / Asus Transformers just in the last days), so even 1 GB models are getting relatively usable.

A nice chance to get that 9-year-old tablet out of its drawer once again, in case you own one.

First experiments of using my now-Linux tablet as a second display for my workstation

My mainline porting on Xiaomi Mi5 (Snapdragon 820) is starting to get quite usable. Not complete or stable, but (some) GPU acceleration and most basic features are in.

Most parts of the kernel work are by, mine is an overlay on top of that tree.

( + )

This take ( is hilarious.

Instead of bringing the average mobile device lifespan to the same level as that of computers, we should "change PCs as often as we do with phones to support the business model of hardware manufacturers"?

A gentle reminder that Windows 11 is nothing more than a Windows 10 reskin: *real* minimum requirements are identical

There is only one proper way to compile kernels in the Italian summer

Mainline porting is finally taking shape on my Xiaomi Mi 5.

Mostly based on Yassine Oudjana's xiaomi-scorpio work, so my gratitude goes to him.

My (very early) attempt to get "mainline" kernel to boot on my beloved Xiaomi Mi 5 is finally starting to pay off...

A new charging UI may land to postmarketOS soon, with improved graphics and fewer graphical dependencies, making it suitable for virtually any framebuffer-enabled device. It is not known if and when this will be merged

New (left) vs. old (right) UI:

A quick poll to phone users: what desktop do you use on your / / ..., and what are the main drawbacks you found in it?

This would be useful to know what projects our readers would be most interested in following.

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