Super excited for this as the ability to take even just OKish photos is the very LAST item on my daily driver essentials list for the #PinePhonePro to be daily driver ready for me personally (ok, a bit more stability would be nice, but I can live with that).

I've got to say though, Megi... love you and I'm super grateful for all your amazing work, but it's killing me that the only 2 Pro photos ever released and you chose to point the camera at a bunch of cables.🤦‍♂️ #LikeADev

@Blort @tuxdevices That's so great to see! Was out in the back yard yesterday with a freshly updated Pinephone and was impressed by the progress made. Not what I could take on a shoot but totally acceptable for the occasional social media post!

@tuxdevices Is that really true that the #PinePhonePro camera can really record 4k resolution video at 30fps?!?! :blobcataww: :blobcatgoogly2:

@Blort the sensor can, although we need a mainline implementation for that :)

@tuxdevices camera capability is the last feature needed to compete with the likes of Samsung and Android, this is fabulous news and fantastic progress...

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