We have just turbocharged our back-end to allow for much faster caching, slightly better theming, and an overall faster experience. Please let us know if you find any issues on pages in the next days!

No privacy-invading CDNs, or anything! Just locally deployed Varnish caching, thanks to the tips of @martijnbraam

@tuxdevices @martijnbraam No CDN's, that's the best part! Next: site completely usable without Javascript?

@bart @tuxdevices @martijnbraam Next: tuxphones on gemini ;P (if you actually want to try that i could probably make some room on my server for experiments)

@humanleftswatch @bart @martijnbraam Actually gemini would probably handle the load, if my home connection wasn't an unstable FTTC :D

@tuxdevices Lazy loading of images on the front page. That's pretty cool. :blobcathappy:

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