⚠️ PSA: aside from the marketing claims, ""s, are probably Google Pixels re-flashed with GrapheneOS and sold at a premium.

Points expressed in the announcement do not differ from other refurbished models, and the "4.5 years" of support are just as provided by Google.

While not explicitly mentioned, this qualifies as one of the projects to openly avoid from our list,

@tuxdevices Rebranded Pixels? This is sketchy as hell.

Especially because of how easy it is to flash GrapheneOS on them these days (with WebUSB and all that).

@tuxdevices well yeah, actually that /is/ the marketing claim:

"The NitroPhone combines security, privacy and ease of use with modern hardware. It is based on the high-quality Pixel 4a and GrapheneOS, the most hardened Android for professionals. Gain full control of your smartphone without Google and Apple!"


I can see them being useful for people who want to move away from Android but lack the knowledge of how to flash Graphene themselves but other than that most power users will avoid them.

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