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With neither the Pinephone or Librem 5 being a daily driver ready device for many people I would say a good alternative would be a Teracube 2e and installing /e/ os on it. You get far more privacy than Android; still get a removable battery; get a daily driver ready device; and don't break the bank.


@PublicNuisance @tuxdevices that being based on a mediatek SoC is basically guaranteed to be a huge mountain of propriatary firmware, and userspace daemons. I don't see anything particularly interesting about that device.


What would interest many people is being able to replace the battery; being able to use an OS that is far better for privacy than Android; and being affordable. I have a Pinephone CE and right now I can't use it as a daily phone, I can use my Teracube 2E. That is a big deal. Pinephone is where I want to go but battery life and usability isn't there yet. As for firmware, the Pinephone and Librem have closed source firmware as well, how much is acceptable ?

@PublicNuisance Firmware on the PinePhone and the Librem 5 is isolated to running in the particular chips that need it and it's designed in a way that it can't access any user data except for whatever flows through that chip. Like the wifi chip only has access to data that will be sent out to the network anyway. Mediatek devices actually need to run daemons in your linux system that are closed source and without any isolation whatsoever.

Also there's no /e/ for that phone.

@PublicNuisance if you want a device that has a replacable battery. Get any of the old Qualcomm snapdragon 410 phones. They are fast enough to daily drive, generally have replacable batteries and due to postmarketOS they have great mainline linux support of you want to use an actual open system in the future.


May have been due to a typo, "tera" vs "tetra". That or their search engine sucks, could be either. I know for instance on Itch.io if I screw up one letter in a game name they never find what I want.

I suppose that @martijnbraam comments on the FSF advice assuming that the FSF recommends (or not) a device according to user freedom, not user experience. IMO, that's a valid assumption to make. So, pinephone and librem5 should not be less recommended than devices running Replicant.

@PublicNuisance @tuxdevices @martijnbraam /e/ OS is still Android, just not Google Android. I agree on it being more private vs Google Android but I never really saw the attraction when setting up a Nextcloud server and installing F-Droid can get you the same results while keeping your data/info to yourself. Pinephone has been my daily driver since it arrived. I bring a spare battery around so I have it if I can't plug in. The only thing I haven't found a replacement for vs Android is a crypto wallet that looks good and is usable with Phosh.


You proved my point with saying you need to bring a spare battery around. I take my Teracube 2E off the charger at 8am and don't put it back on until midnight at the earliest and still have between 35-60% battery left depending on what I did that day. I can have as low as 35-45% battery left on my Pinephone CE if I have to do a lot of web browsing during a 4 hr stretch. If you have to carry around a spare battery, it isn't daily driver ready in my eyes.

@PublicNuisance because it's running Android and has years of optimizations in place. I don't think that mobile Linux will reach charge times as long, even with continued optimizations. I myself consider it a worthy daily driver. I would like to see an extended battery and cover. Or even a battery case like Mophie used to make.


My Nexus 5 which has a 2300 mah battery lasted all day in it's prime and I run Ubuntu Touch on it. Is Ubuntu Touch Android as well ?

@PublicNuisance no, obviously not. silly question. It is different hardware, which plays a role. I'm not familiar with the Nexus 5 or Ubuntu Touch, it didn't feel like I was running Linux. I was never a fan of Unity or KDE on desktop, so I admit they didn't get much more than a quick glance from me. XFCE on desktop and Phosh on mobile. I wasn't looking to argue, just saying "daily driver" can be subjective based on your needs. As can anything I suppose.

@tuxdevices @martijnbraam Thanks for sharing. Hardware-wise, I would argue that the Pinephone is a bit more free than the devices supported by Replicant as it runs a stable and free bootloader.

However, one important aspect neglected here is security. Software-wise, only offers vastly outdated Android versions with tons of security holes in their stable branch. On the other hand, offers recent software.

See also my old mid-2019 article on that:


@kuleszdl @tuxdevices @martijnbraam really cool & comprehensive writeup; sounds like it's a good starting point even today!

@kuleszdl @tuxdevices @martijnbraam

Why is Replicant so out of date? How are these alternatives going to be true replacements if they are not up to date, at least from a security viewpoint.

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