We received a A1 pre-production sample for an honest and in-depth review, which we will work on in the next few days.

In the meanwhile, we made a quick unboxing video showing the device and its magnetic keyboard, which you may find interesting.

@tuxdevices That device is just another Halium system right? Another company that wants to jump on the "Linux on mobile" bandwagon but doesn't actually understand what makes it great.

@bart I think mainline is currently limited to the Pinephone, Poco F1, Librem5 and OnePlus6/6T

@gamey @bart N900, Librem 5, Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung Galaxy A5, BQ Aquaris X5, Galaxy S4 mini value edition, Wileyfox swift, Xiaomi Mi Note 2, Xiaomi Redmi 2

@martijnbraam Funny patterns that beside of Pine64 and Purism no actual company seems to be involved but kudos to the community that's actually a lot already :D

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