@tuxdevices I have that exact model! I might try it out

@edel Make sure not to brick it, Kobo flashing is tricky :)

@tuxdevices In that case, I'll make sure to finish reading the books I've borrowed from my library first :p

@tuxdevices @edel flashing is pretty easy actually since you can just swap the SD, the annoying part is getting the firmware from the kobo SD

@tuxdevices cool as hell. I use my kobo every day but if I find a deal for another I will probably do this

@tuxdevices hi there. I'm a happy user of Nabuk Lux 3: no touch, no wifi, linux e-ink reader with fbreader and acrobat reader preinstalled.


@tuxdevices Oooh. One of the (many) criteria for buying my Kobo where it being hackable (at least it had its Linux code published) in a way that someone, sometime, could made a distro port for it. Almost five years later, #pmOS it was, 💘

(I own an Aura Edition 2, actually, and I'm aware the port is not as close as a daily driver, but at least someone is getting a degree of success!)

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