This take ( is hilarious.

Instead of bringing the average mobile device lifespan to the same level as that of computers, we should "change PCs as often as we do with phones to support the business model of hardware manufacturers"?

A gentle reminder that Windows 11 is nothing more than a Windows 10 reskin: *real* minimum requirements are identical

@tuxdevices meanwhile my 15 years old laptop got a second life as a backup server, and another one probably even older provides a home kiosk. I'm gonna let them go to heaven only if they catch on fire.

@tuxdevices lmao i hate that take: "e-waste is an issue, but oh well, capitalism, amirite?"

Until the average consumer stops demanding the next new and shiny widget, this is simply going to get worse. Capitalism, which is always all about the money, is the true root of all evil, smh

@tuxdevices I lost it when the author started going on about how we're all super spoiled by Windows 10 and that we just need to suck it up and realize that Microsoft doesn't owe us anything.

@tuxdevices well but users will want new laptops anyway! build quality is clearly much better lately, and having the latest Intel chip makes a huge difference for applications like...

like, for example, um...

(written from my 2011 T420.)

And in the meantime some of us try to fight the #climatecrisis where buying less is one of the most important things to do.
But we definitely need to protect the precious corporations rather than the planet. Who needs that anyway. /s

@tuxdevices I know I don't like Huawei, but I got to give them credit where credit is due. As soon as they saw they were in trouble with their manufacturing stock, they decided to make their upcoming be HarmonyOS available to phones from many years ago, as they drive themselves into being more of a software company. And that's the closest example I can think of a big tech showing their consumers don't have to ditch their phones.

Microsoft can do plenty better!

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