There is only one proper way to compile kernels in the Italian summer

@tuxdevices Ooh, don't do that. You'll melt everything else in the fridge.

@TransGal4872 @tuxdevices Fridges are designed to cool slowly. Put a computer in there and you've just got a warm room that wastes slightly more electricity than most rooms.

@wizzwizz4 That is a right tip actually! However, kernel compilation needs ~20 minutes, and is performed once a day at most

@tuxdevices I'm so glad that the privacy of that expired yoghurt in the background was respected 🤓

@tuxdevices Is it a dell XPS, nice machine, not very nice temperature indeed

@sebx2a @tuxdevices ahahaha yes, I would work from inside the fridge if I fit in there 😭

@tuxdevices Just turn it into a server to do all your heavy computational tasks like that and you're done!

@tuxdevices for my XPS I just put it on top of two desk fans facing upward

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