Volla expands line-up, teases new "Phone X" model with Android and Ubuntu Touch

@chriskoester Yes, might be the same board. We mentioned that in the second-to-last paragraph

@danslerush @tuxdevices I've got this phone - of course with Android 10! Would be glad to use one with linux! 😉

@tuxdevices I still don't know why that Volla Phone got "famous" as you mention it in the article. It's not a mainlined device, and neither do they intend to mainline it. They are full on admitting they need and don't mind libhybris/Halium.

Why is that phone interesting in anyway over the PinePhone or the Librem 5?

@bart Simply put, for first-class Ubuntu Touch support (they are one of the few partners) and decent value/cameras/performance.

I see it is a popular choice among Ubuntu users, or "casual Linux phone" community who do not really care about mainline.

The fact it runs downstream was definitely mentioned in the article for transparency

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