The A1 is a tablet with 2K display, pen input, 5G and much more [updated: specs, official release video, pre-order link]

@lps @tuxdevices Note that it won't run mainline Linux, so I don't see how this is exciting at all.

@bart @tuxdevices that's disappointing! So that would include apps as well?

@tuxdevices Isn't it an android tablet with a compatibility layer (hybris) to run linux ? Not really a "linux tablet".

@skilpa Nothing is known yet - projects like Sailfish and Ubuntu Touch are considered "Linux" for their userspace even if they are not on mainline, but there is indeed a huge difference in the long run between the two

@tuxdevices You say it'll run Android apps either through Anbox or Hybris. I'm guessing you mean libhybris with that? If so, that doesn't allow running Android apps, it allows using Android proprietary drivers to get hardware working on non-mainline Linux devices.

@bart yes, absolutely libhybris - it's essentially wrapped around the downstream kernel from what I understand. The chip I found so far (Unisoc/Tiger) has actually not been officially announced, so who knows what it will use. PowerVR is the big obstacle

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