A quick poll to phone users: what desktop do you use on your / / ..., and what are the main drawbacks you found in it?

This would be useful to know what projects our readers would be most interested in following.


Poll here, feel free to comment if not on list:

@tuxdevices phosh is not correctly sized on my Samsung galaxy S3 mini with postmarketOS

@tuxdevices I'm running Fedora with sway on mine.
Works very well but isn't a turnkey solution.

I'm surprised #Lomiri came in so low given that it really is the most complete interface out of all of them.

That said, #Mobian with #Phosh got the reputation as the most "just works" and #PlaMo has the fact that it got picked as the #PinePhone default.

Dang if they're not all good (if incomplete, but moving forward.)

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