📰 just made sideloading Android Wear apps harder

"Android Wear smartwatches are an extremely common breed of wearables. Being full of features and comparatively cheap, it is increasingly common to spot them on people's wrists. While the OS is far from flawless, partly due to the heavy Java-based software stack..."

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I do not think the author knows what he is writing about. Bootloader unlocking is irrelevant. And there are many ways to sideload apps, I do not believe google will block them all.

@rudolf Writer here. Bootloader unlocking is related to AsteroidOS - as stated?, and the article does specify that sideloading is and will likely remain possible using adb... My bad for not making it clear 🤔

Not really so bad :)
I missed, the part where you referred to a custom rom, and for that unlocking is relevant.
As usual, some one on XDA already found a quite comfortabe way of side loading, with an app made for the fire-tv.

I am quite sure more of these will show up if google starts locking.

@rudolf Thanks! Hopefully locking will stop to this level :(

@rudolf Ah, probably two paragraphs were swapped, making the "bootloader unlock" one not strictly linked to Asteroid. Fixed

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