@tuxdevices That's an interesting analysis but I don't get why anyone should buy a overpriced and locked-down Apple device just to put a Linux kernel on it in a difficult and not officially supported way when you can simply buy a Purism device with Linux preinstalled and perfect driver support.

I can’t agree. I also don’t think my apple HW is overpriced for what I got. One of my Macs is 11years old, after 9y I changed the battery. And I’m also happy to boot Linux on it. Don’t judge if u not tried. Of course it’s not cheap but u‘ll get a really good HW + SW for work and education. So, why buy a Mercedes if u can roll down the street with a Dacia too? But if u want a good Linux HW, I think there are better options as a overpriced Purism Laptop. @nipos @tuxdevices

@SeanGeil @tuxdevices Your old Mac has x86 where you can install Linux without any problems.But for the new ARM Macs,it will take months or years to make a Linux distribution boot - If it's possible at all.And then it will be a difficult procedure to enable that and not only open the BIOS and select a USB stick as boot device.I really don't see any reason to punish yourself that hard.

@nipos @SeanGeil I guess most of us actually want the best of both worlds, or sometimes only for work reasons. At least as possibility :)

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