Our tutorial has been updated to comply with the upcoming libhandy 1.x APIs, making it an up-to-date resource for anyone willing to experiment with modern mobile Linux app development.

@tuxdevices the link to the repo is old as well, that repo hasn't been updated in months.

dependency('libhandy-1', version: '>= 0.9.90') -> 1.0.0, 0.9.90 makes no sense, such version never even existed.

@tuxdevices Handy.Column -> doesn't exist anymore, it's Handy.Clamp.

@tuxdevices everything about HdySqueezer etc -> there's HdyViewSwitcherBar, you don't have to do any of that manually.

@tuxdevices actually my bad, there was such a version. A very old unstable release for 0.0.10, from June, 2019. Doesn't even seem to have a git tag.

@tuxdevices also, use HdyWindow. :) Also, the way you create the title label is wrong, this is one of the reasons we introduced HdyViewSwitcherTitle to begin with, as a lot of people got it wrong.

@exalm @tuxdevices Also, I wouldn't recommend the UI designer in Builder or Glade. It does a lot wrong and will give you more work to do when you prepare to port to GTK4.

@brainblasted @tuxdevices yup, and not doing that also allows to stop using distro package in there.

@tuxdevices one of the best tutorials I've found this far ^^ thanks!

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