⚡ Official back cover will add a hardware keyboard, wireless charging, NFC and more

"Days after announcing the PineCom PDA, the PINE team has released another blog post announcing their progress for October 2020. This includes several plans, such as the PineTime budget smartwatch finally starting shipping with the Infinitime firmware, more details on the Pinecil RISC-V soldering iron and more on the SOEdge (AI) and PineCube...."

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@tuxdevices it feels like the pine team is spreading themselves too thin.

@tuxdevices yes precisely. How many pine devices can you currently purchase that are fully developed? You have to assemble the pine time. The pine phone is nowhere near ready to be used as a daily driver. Seems like they are taking too many projects on at once. Get a few finished first

@nebious Software is not really their issue, as it is entirely community-made. Essentially PINE is a hardware maker, software is then developed by the projects upstream.

@tuxdevices I suppose I had to change my expectations from them. Still happy to see an open hardware provider doing good work

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