Poll: if the PDA (see latest article) was already available for sale (hypothetically around $100), which one between it and the would you rather buy, and why?

@tuxdevices would need more confirmed specs. If it had a smaller screen and an IR blaster, I'd think the PineCom quite tempting. I do have a PinePhone already, but pretty sure my mobile data hasn't been working anyway, so the modem has little value. (twice my house internet has been out and I found out the hard way it wasn't working)
@tuxdevices 33% cheaper and theoretically has no cameras, GPS and other sensors may be missing? I'd have to go with the phone. Removing a cellular modem might be a popular choice, removing all kinds of other stuff sounds like it would be a very niche product.

@mistermonster @tuxdevices I dont think removing the rear cam is a good idea, the lora modem in it would make it an interesting device though, basically the SMS version of a walkie talkie.

And if you have a lora gateway then you can use that network to send messages further.

@tuxdevices I already bough a Pinephone nd if i could i would do it again. I want a full smartphone since public wifis barely exist where i live :D

Would it be possible to add a small (detachable?) keyboard? A bit Psion 5 style? That would create in my view new or better opportunities to use it as a PDA. It would be more like a secondary device and then the loss of a modem would not matter that much, as most people would have a normal mobile with them and could use that as a Wifi hotspot.

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