@tuxdevices Hell no,that shouldn't be possible 😢 Fuck Anbox 🖕 It destroys the freedom that real Linux phones could bring without Android shit.

@nipos @tuxdevices you still have the freedom to uninstall Anbox. And Anbox can ease the transition

@nawordar @tuxdevices I hope I also have the freedom to not install it at all without automatically getting it with a system update...

@nipos @tuxdevices What are you even talking about? It's Linux, not Windows 10

@nawordar @tuxdevices Some distributions aren't that much better with their preinstalled shit.Just have a look at Ubuntu with its proprietary Snap nonsense that you can't really avoid in the latest version 🙄

@nipos @tuxdevices just switch distro then. There are thousands of them.

@nawordar @tuxdevices I don't have bloatware problems on Arch currently 😉 Unfortunately most mobile distributions want to be user-friendly so I doubt that they will ship without preinstalled Anbox for much longer 😢

@nipos @tuxdevices then create your own distro and stop being hostile against community who maintains Anbox in their free time

@nawordar @tuxdevices While we unfortunately don't have the limitless freedom of speech here in Germany,I can still say that a piece of software is shit when I think that it is and don't need to build my own distro to be allowed to say that.Accept it or not,I think that Anbox is shit because 99% of all Android apps are proprietary shit full of spyware crap and destroy the freedom that Linux could bring without it.

@nipos @tuxdevices I think you'd be the perfect candidate to replace Richard Stallman at FSF

@nawordar @tuxdevices Stallman did more for the free software movement than I could ever do.I try to live by his rules whenever I can but I won't say that I'm 100% perfect.Stallman is totally right by wanting everything to be completely free software without any exceptions,anyway I'm running proprietary firmware blobs on proprietary hardware 😕

@nipos @tuxdevices You know that you can just install F-Droid on Anbox to install the 1% non-shit software, right? You don't have to install any proprietary software. Anbox alone is 100% FOSS.

@tuxdevices Any progress on push notifications and camera/video calls for apps running in Anbox? I would imagine this to be a large barrier to entry for most

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