I have been testing several Linux flavours on my Google Nexus 5 for a while, and have condensed my general thoughts on it in this article, where I also tried to compare it with the more popular "true Linux" smartphones on the market.

@tuxdevices oh, need to look into that. I'm back to an Android ROM in the Nexus 5 after trying out ubuntu touch. PostmarketOS Nexus 5 wiki suggested it not being usable as a daily driver yet, so I skipped that for now.

@dwagenk It is not, but may be worth the experiment. Beware not to let the battery fall near zero, or you may have annoying issues in restoring Android to it.


Your experience pretty much mirrors mine. I am typing this from a Nexus 5 running Ubuntu Touch. I use it as my daily driver. Ubuntu Touch may be the most limited but it is also the most polished. I don't worry about it crashing, more about finding replacement apps for ones it doesn't have.

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