@tuxdevices Oh no 😢 I've been living happy for years without Wine and proprietary Windows crapware on my Linux desktop and I'll be very happy without Anbox and proprietary Android crapware on my Linux phone.I hope this will never be automatically delivered by an update.As long as it's only optional,I personally don't care but I still think it isn't a good idea to make a free and open system run non-free software.

@nipos @tuxdevices just try @ubports on your phone. I think it is a good way with #ubuntutouch - You’ll get an AppStore with many Apps for your phone. It’s enough for everyday usage

@SeanGeil @ubports @tuxdevices Nope,I stay with PostmarketOS and the programs I know from the desktop computer.It works great and I'm totally happy with what I've managed to install and configure so far.

@SeanGeil @tuxdevices @ubports No but from what I read it's too much like Android.It's a good solution for people who want a phone that just works but i like all the nerd stuff and having to work with the terminal.

@nipos @tuxdevices @ubports it’s still a phone. Or should be one hehe. You can do everything on ubtouch as well as on other systems. You don’t need to remove your pOS, just put ubtouch on a card and let it boot

@SeanGeil @ubports @tuxdevices ...or I stay at PostmarketOS because it works,I'm totally happy with it and I paid for it.

@nipos @ubports @tuxdevices pOS is installed on internal flash and will be not touched by booting an other OS from a SD card. And if you want to be a “nerd” you’ve to try everything my friend 😆 also the #PureOS image. I wish u a lot of fun with ur device

@SeanGeil @tuxdevices @ubports I'll try the multi-distro image ( gnulinux.ch/pinephone-multi-di ) when I have time for that.My first priority is setting up everything needed for daily use on PostmarketOS so that I can replace my old Blackberry.

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