VICE: The PinePhone Is an Open-Source, Community Developed iOS and Android Competitor

The device runs on a version of Linux modified by a community of developers and is designed to last 10 years.

@tuxdevices Designed to last ten years? Do they have an active spare parts management, or how is that supposed to work?

@jmehne @tuxdevices yeah that is about PostMarketOS, but maybe the PinePhone too, i dunno.

The article could separate a bit more, it is a project that is basically trying to run on phones more generally,(it already boots in >200 phones, though usually many features missing ) and make them more like PCs, in terms of user control.

@jmehne @tuxdevices Kind of. @PINE64 does sell spare replacement parts for the #Pinephone such as battery, screws, display... etc in their store:

@tuxdevices The article leaves me with mixed feelings. On one hand, it is a nice read - researched well and not just a shallow copy-paste of a press announcement. On the other side, it says that

> "Though specifications for the hardware of the phone haven’t yet been released"

which is simply not the case. I mean, it was communicated pretty clearly that the specs will be the same as for the UBPorts edition? And the specs can be looked up in the store and on the web site...

@tuxdevices this is very interesting. I do hope they used really good materials, though, otherwise it will be difficult keeping it ten years.

Also, any idea how the price is so low?

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