List of all native Linux smartphones, tablets and wearables [update: added Volla Phone]

Thanks for the list of #linuxphones.

The release date of the #VollaPhone is October 2020. It's wrong in the list. Pre-orders are done now.

@tuxdevices How is the Volla phone a "native Linux" smartphone? Yes it runs the Linux kernel, but that's all it really does. For Linux distributions it uses Halium which makes it, in my eyes, unfit for that list.

I feel like it all boils down to where on the purity spectrum people fall. I mean some could argue that the only true open source distros are stuff like Trisquel because many of them ship with blobs. For some running the Linux kernel is all they care about.

@PublicNuisance I'm not talking about the distribution running on top of it or even how much proprietary software is installed. I'm talking about the fact that it doesn't run the _mainline_ kernel and if you don't want Android, you have to use libhybris and Halium.
Why would anyone be interested in this phone while they can just get a PinePhone or Librem 5 which actually does run on mainline?

@bart The needed disclaimer is already present in its section. It runs proper Ubuntu Touch without proper kernel.

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