@tuxdevices Finally a phone for me to listen to Huong Tram, because it has a headphone jack, something that major flagships blindly took away.

Fingerprint scanner and a giant battery is also pretty nice, though I'm not a fan of the notch on the screen.

And also with alternative Ubuntu Touch support, which is really cool.

@tuxdevices Yeah, I'm not a fan at all and I'm not sure why anyone should be excited about this device. It's just another libhybris using device. Yes it'll come with an Ubuntu Touch option, but main focus is Android and it's not mainlined.

@bart I am skeptical as well, but it'd still be interesting to have one of the very first EU manufactured phones running Linux as well :)

@tuxdevices @bart Isn't it "assembled in Germany" rather than actually made in EU?

I guess that the SoC and other parts are made in china, and the main OS (Android) is made in the US.

@thibaultamartin @bart yes, just assembled in Germany (which is already quite rare for a consumer electronics device)

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