List of native Linux smartphones, tablets and wearables (updated: added Privecall TX)

@tuxdevices jolla phones with sailfish os are native linux and they're missing from your list. In my opinion they represent a way more polished product than any of the ones which are.

@tuxdevices OK. Not sure what "independent" means, but I won't argue against your classification. I see you mention Nemo at least.

@tuxdevices Interesting list 👍 There are some cool devices I didn't know.I'm a bit shocked about the Necunos price.The price wasn't public when I checked last time but I hoped it to be cheaper.But the decision to get the PinePhone was pretty clear anyway.For the topic Wearables you forgot the PineTime.Well,it's not a full Linux but it's open source and I think you can do cool things with it.

@nipos Thanks for the feedback! Actually there are many open-source smartwatches, but none of them runs Linux, so it would be somewhat misleading to have them here...

@tuxdevices I don't know any others.Do you have links?I absolutely need to get a new watch and the PineTime is still in a early stage.

@nipos I can think of banglejs and the "lilygo watch", there are some others but I don't remember the names at the moment

@tuxdevices I had a look at them now.The BangleJS is only a preorder which will ship in March,not available now.The Lilygo Watch seems really interesting.Unfortunately I couldn't find out much about the features of the preinstalled OS or any other OSes which could run there.

@nipos not much unfortunately - both are underpowered (as the PineTime is) so some minimal OS with just few, very basic features

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