@tuxdevices @martijnbraam The ATH-M50x headphones are a huge fav of mine! Can't wait until the Pinephone gets an official release!

@tuxdevices @martijnbraam thankfully by someone that really knows what he's talking about. Very clearly written article, it seems the pinephone has put a lot more effort into opening up the stack than I thought ^^
Whatever happens with these two devices, it has already improved the state of mobile linux. Exciting times!

@vancha @tuxdevices I sometimes get the feeling that news sites want to review the Librem 5, then see the specs and add the PinePhone to the article, and then assume they are opposites. It's weird.


Interesting article, thanks @tuxdevices @martijnbraam

The bit about blobs left me slightly confused. If I understand correctly you are talking about drivers & firmware. I'd expect there'd be more than the things you mentioned, related to camera, display/graphics, bluetooth (possibly more?)

I later read amosbbatto.wordpress.com/2019/ which goes deep into tech details about these phones - lots about blobs (corrected after publishing). I wonder if some is still missing (eg. display firmware)?

@dazinism @vancha @tuxdevices it doesn't need blobs for display, graphics is handled by lima and is fully open source, the camera is only using an open source kernel module. the bluetooth stuff is in the rtl8723cs chip which has the firmware patch mentioned in the article.

@tuxdevices Hej @martijnbraam, nice review!

Some details of interest: the WiFi chip for the Librem 5 is the same as the dev kit one: a Redpine RS9116. Purism worked with them to modify the chip so PureOS does not need to integrate binary blobs to make it work.

They’re also working on getting the camera datasheets public!

I hope both phones will succeed, find their market and community :)

@thibaultamartin @tuxdevices camera datasheets public? they don't even list the names for the cameras yet :(

@tuxdevices @martijnbraam "Maybe 2020 will be the year of the Linux Phone, skipping that desktop thing."
nice one ;)
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