N900, PinePhone, Librem5, Ubuntu Touch ones can. Most could actually, but they require "libhybris", an Android emulation layer, for that

@tuxdevices @ashimokawa Sailfish is not on the list, but it is certainly Linux. And it makes calls.


Sure it does, as Android. Still we excluded it because it is far from fully FOSS or independent. See: tuxphones.com/all-linux-distri


@Limax @tuxdevices

Collected information about SailfishOS misinformation:
(TL;DR) they successfully created a myth about them being open source. Marketing geniuses.


@tuxdevices This will be very helpful for many people,thank you very much 👍 I think I'll get the PinePhone anyway because I'm too lazy for dealing with freeing a locked-down Android device 😆

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