The is a $79 Linux tablet
by Pine64, the same manufacturer of the and PineBook low-cost Linux devices.

This low-power Linux machine, however, has some hidden perks: for example, via an internal m.2 slot it supports SATA and LTE expansions in a somewhat modular way. And now it boots postmarketOS with several UIs, such as KDE and Purism's "Phosh".

You can read more about it in our latest post:

@tuxdevices Great device 👍 The hardware specifications look more or less the same as the one I currently have but mine was three times as expensive.I will bookmark that for the next time I need one.I see only one disadvantage: It is so big that it's more like a laptop.I always use mine as laptop.A device which is used as tablet shouldn't have more than 7 or a absolute maximum of 8 inch for me.

it is indeed a large screen, but that also allows for large battery, expandability and better productivity on most apps. It's more of a "cheap convertible" than of an extra-large Android tablet (which I agree would be too big on a 11" panel) in my opinion

Can i draw on it ? I need a Tablet for Notes etc.. and i dont want to buy an Ipad.

@rafaelrico I currently use my phone as a remote for my laptop to draw on it, i think a #pinetab might be a real alternative to that

Yeah sounds like a real idea 😁. But how do you draw on your Notebook over your Phone ?

Ok, dont know about that possibility... Im a Gnome User 😅

Probably yes (using Xournal) but you must make sure the capacitive panel is good enough for that. Usually drawing oriented tablets have high end panels with pen input support

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