Running on your - Everything you need to know in 2019

I wrote this short introduction to the world of Linux for smartphones to answer some common questions of both new and experienced users to this new segment of the open source world. Whether you're wondering if it's possible to install Linux on your smart device, how to choose a distribution for daily usage (if possible), or how easily the porting to a new device would be, this post might help


@tuxdevices running from SD is not always slower than the internal memory, it depends on the internal memory and the quality of the SD card.

@tuxdevices @martijnbraam Some older devices use MTD instead of eMMC that could be outperformed by modern SD cards, provided they deliver a good performance on 4k blocks.

I benchmarked various sd cards a while back btw., and the best delivered about 8MB/sec read and 4 MB/sec write speeds on 4k blocks when using random access:

@kuleszdl @tuxdevices It would be interesting to repeat that benchmark on the internal storage of some phones. iozone is packaged in alpine so should be easy in postmarketOS :)

@martijnbraam @tuxdevices yes, I also thought about that already. But would you suggest to benchmark only the infernal flash vor also the sdcards "in-device"? I thought about just using one reference card to geht an ideal about the SD reader performance in comparison to other devices.

Also true, I didn't consider MTD but some of pmOS devices may well be MTD. Will change "will" to "might" in the article

@tuxdevices N900 😃😍! What lovely memories. Take a look at maemo leste too.

@qwazix Yeah, I'd love to have a N900 too :(
Never tried Maemo Leste unfortunately, but it's featured in our List of mobile OS -->

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