I thought tut needed a website, so now it has. And it almost looks like tut itself.

@tut Ok, that's seriously really cool. Is it a theme or did you do ti from scratch?

@joeligj12 I made it from scratch. And I must say that CSS grids makes your life so much easier, I think it's the first time I really tried using it.

@tut yeah, I was checking the css/html and I have't given a try to grids
I might make some changes to my website :P

@tut Do you have source code btw? Would be nice to take a better look

@joeligj12 here you go :)

You should look at web/templates/base.tmpl and web/static/style.css

It would be a great consistency even further, if there's a .tut domain. Then you could register tut.tut 😺 😅

Wow, the website looks just like tut, really cool 👍

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