The eleventh release of tut is out

The only new feature is that you can use relative date, everything else is just bug fixes. You can read more at the release page.

A great thank you for all the kind words and help I've gotten with detecting bugs and spelling mistakes. Hopefully I'll get more time to develop new features in the near future :)

Ohhhh and again something learned. The tip with the EDITOR variable was very useful. Thank you for that!
Now I can use my #micro to #toot and reply. Awesome!!
The color modification still doesn't work as expected though. Only some elements I am able to change. Things like the top bar however, remain at their default color.
But I will get to it some day....eventually

@toxision You're welcome! Send me your config.ini and I'll have a look at the colors, either on some pastebin site or as an email to It might be some bug

Well I didn't changed much. Was more playing around with it.
In the file I have given the colors real names but also tried with hash values before.
I am still not really good in all that terminal stuff ;)
If it matters, I am using the default Mate terminal emulator via LinuxMint
But I have also used #Guake, result was the same.

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