The tenth release of tut is out

* Description of attachments
* A feed of notifications below your timeline

I've also created this account so you can get notified of new releases

@tut very good. Did you consider choosing GPLv3 in place of MIT/Expat? it could be a wiser choice for long-term development.


@LorenzoAncora I will change it for the next release now that you mentioned it, but I don't think it will matter that much in reality. Tut is so niche that it seems unlikely that someone would make it closed source or don't contribute back. So it would be more of a statement than protecting the future of the project.

I like copyleft and only started using MIT because the license is permissive and short. Thank you for the feedback :)

@tut don’t underestimate the potential of your work. You’re welcome. :-)

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