Release number 17

There was a bug with follow requests that would crash tut, so you should update.

New features:
* Store your account credentials in a password manager
* Short hints. Doesn't show the text for all keys

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Number 16 of tut.

The new feature is only useful if you have multiple accounts, but I'm excited. To add a new user just append the flag --new-user when you run the new version of tut.

Read more about the release here

I promise I won't spam more releases today, only if I've screwed this one up :)

Now it should be kind of solved. Go grab the latest release one more time.

There's still a problem when you view a thread from a thread if you start from the notification panel. But to solve that bug I would have to rewrite a lot of code, so for now you will have to press "n" to go back to the notification panel if that happens.

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A bug fix created another one. So if you enter thread mode from your notifications your focus will still be in the notification panel. For now you'll have to press Esc one time to read the tread, but I'll try to fix this as fast as possible :)

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Number fifteen of tut.

* Desktop notifications (disabled by default)
* Displays number of characters left when writing a new toot

And thanks for all the suggestions I get. Have a nice day :)

Release number 14 of tut

* Yank URLs
* Pattern match/glob URLs so they will open with different programs
* Set up to five custom programs to open URLs with

Read more about the release here

New features means new bugs, so here comes a new one. In the version before the key for bookmarking and view content warnings collided, but it's fixed now.

This version also introduces the ability to quote replies.

Long time no see!

The twelfth release is out now and it includes support for bookmarks. Contact me if there is any issue :)

The eleventh release of tut is out

The only new feature is that you can use relative date, everything else is just bug fixes. You can read more at the release page.

A great thank you for all the kind words and help I've gotten with detecting bugs and spelling mistakes. Hopefully I'll get more time to develop new features in the near future :)

The tenth release of tut is out

* Description of attachments
* A feed of notifications below your timeline

I've also created this account so you can get notified of new releases


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