Release 1.0.17

* New command :clear-notifications and leader action clear-notifications that does what it says.
* More mouse support. You can now scroll and click buttons like favorite.

Release 1.0.16

* New config option mouse-support under [general] in your config.

This new feature enables mouse support in tut. The feature is opt-in, so you will have to set mouse-support=true in your config to use it. For now it only support selecting list items and change focus between windows.

Release 1.0.15

Only two bug fixes
* You can now see replies on boosted toots
* Desktop notification for favorites now says favorite and not follower

Release 1.0.14

Two new features
* terminal-title under [general] in your config lets you display the information from the top bar in the title of your terminal. It also lets you disable the built in top bar if you want to.
* 6 new elements in tut that you can style, so theming becomes easier. See to test it out in the browser.

I made a theme editor for tut as it is quite hard to test your changes as you have quit and open tut again to see your changes. Check it out at I will add some more features in the future, like showing the themes that already are a part of tut.

Release 1.0.13

This release only has two bug fixes.

* Input on profiles should work again and target the toot you're viewing. This bug got introduced when I added support for sticky toots on profiles.
* You can now view URLs from notifications.

Release 1.0.12

* You can now have multiple local themes. Just put your theme(s) in ~/.config/tut/themes/your-theme.ini and set theme=your-theme
* New command :newer and leader action newer that force loads new posts

Read more on the release page

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@thewk I use my laptop more often. I almost forget about the desktop computer. The performance of an ancient laptop is enough for me. :ablobcatcoffee:

Release 1.0.11

* Show pinned toots on profiles
* Option to display what filter that has filtered a toot. You can disable this with show-filter-phrase=false under [general]
* Display icon for reblogged toots

Read more on the release page

Release 1.0.10

You can now change the layout of tut on the fly with three new commands and leader actions.

* list-placement top | right | bottom | left
* list-split row | column
* proportions [int] [int]

Read more on about it on the release page. It also includes some bug fixes

Release 1.0.9

You can now edit your profile and some of your account preferences inside of tut. Use the command :preferences to try it out.

Read more on the release page

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Tut client on "full throttle" mode.
Ohhh yeah, now we're talking! 🤘😎
#tut #linux #cli

Release 1.0.8

Feels like I'm spamming new releases, but this one includes three new features.

* You can now create polls when composing a new toot
* leader-action window, so you can switch between your timelines with the leader key
* command :window which does the same thing as above

Read more on the release page

Release 1.0.7

Finally tut support multiple feeds side-by-side like the advanced web version. Look at the picture in this toot to see it in action.

Other features:
* Support for accepting/denying following requests
* Confirmation before quitting tut

Read more on the release page

Release 1.0.6

* Support for filters, but you still can't create them in tut
* Leader for tags, e.g. leader-action=tag linux,tl

Read more on the release page

Release 1.0.5

You can now use a leader-key to run some commands. Let's say you want to go to the federated timeline more quickly than writing :timeline federated<Enter> you can add this to your config.

leader-action=federated, f

Now you will only have to write ,f for the same action.


Release 1.0.3

Tut now support custom keys, so you can modify almost every key. Read more on the release page.

Release 1.0.1

The new version is just two bug fixes
* When notification-feed=false is set the main feed is now displayed
* Tut will exit more nicely, so your terminal should now work

Get it via the releas page

Release 1.0.0

The new major version is now released. It's mostly the code behind the scenes that has been changed so it will be easier for me to add new features and mange the project. But you can see some changes in the UI.

New features
* Streams = new posts instantly
* Confirmation before favorite, boost etc.

Read more on the release page

I've been working on a new major version. Most parts stay the same in the UI, but the code has changed quite a lot.

New features
* Streams, so new posts show up instantly
* Confirmation before favorite, boost etc.

It's not done, but you can try it out. Check out the branch 1.0.0 and build it with go. go build -o tut-new

Feedback is appreciated, here or at Github :)


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