Security researchers give strong evidence that is less secure than in a number of ways. I get that. What I don't get is the lack of discussion around the amount of irremovable telemetry and privacy concerns in Windows make it as negatively impactful as Linux in real world use for most nontechnical users. Doesn't Windows seem a bit like locking yourself in a safe room with an untrusted entity, where Linux is a regular room but without that? What am I missing?

You are missing a link to where "security experts" claim such.

@rudolf I thought it was common knowledge? Madaidan (whose papers cite other security researchers), Daniel Micay, etc..

They don't claim what you qouted at all.
They claim windows did better in certian categories in certain conditions.
A broad statement like that something is more secure without the context is as inaccurate as saying something is objectively better or someone is more intelligent


@wuwei @rudolf madaidans-insecurities.github. You're certainly entitled to interpret the writings according to your own subjectivity, but several sentences in here point to the reasonable interpretation that the author views Linux as comparatively insecure in/as a user workspace. I also confirmed with him previously that I understood his stance.

@turtle21 @wuwei
This is some guy, who doesn't say anything about his education or profession, writing things anybody could extract from Google or Microsoft postings.
I read what he writes about Android, as this is what I know most about. He has no idea about Android security. I won't waste more effort on him.

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