Do you know of any free provider (including IMAP) better for privacy and reliability than ?

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@turtle21 Funny you should ask, I came across free services hosted by @amolith at which includes free secure email. FYI.

@ray @amolith very interesting! Imap? I skimmed but didn’t see mention of it

@turtle21 @ray Of course lol. Though I wouldn't say it's "secure"; email is inherently insecure and there's simply no way around it unless you just ignore the standards like ProtonMail and Tutanota have. You should never fully trust your email provider no matter what grandiose claims they make. By design, email is not private and never will be.

Website needs some work and updates but I wrote about that when I first set everything up

With NixNet Mail, your connection is of course encrypted with TLS, the server itself has full-disk encryption, there's webmail available (both with and without JavaScript), IMAP, POP3, SMTP, all that jazz. If you want the *content* of your emails encrypted, however, you'll have to do that with your encryption tool of choice. GPG is tried and true and what I personally prefer but there are others such as age

@amolith @ray true! I’m working on getting my everyday non-technical contacts who are interested in (read, “not averse to”) learning about making their daily lives a little less invaded to understand points like these. I think the majority have been so thoroughly misled that they have trouble imagining something as ubiquitous as SMS, for example, is a nightmare.

@turtle21 @amolith Thanks for responding and thank you for providing these services for others! Props.

@turtle21 I would avoid Disroot. They are having problems with their data centre recently. Also for reasons here @amolith

@posrev @amolith thanks for the heads up, will keep searching 👍

@posrev @turtle21 Many of the privacy concerns listed here are not really things that Disroot can fix:

Any proper email provider will have much the same stance on email except for maybe a longer/shorter log retention.

The Nextcloud bug is a Nextcloug bug, not a Disroot bug.

An unencrypted XMPP contact list is a limitation of XMPP itself. None of the XMPP servers encrypt your contacts.

Unencrypted chat is of course going to be unencrypted. If you want encryption, use a client that supports it and enable it. No XMPP server I know of will encrypt your chats for you. It's up to the user.

Long-term stability and data centre issues are a completely different matter but I think the other points are not really meaningful. It feels like the author did nothing more than pick apart Disroot's privacy policies without understanding the underlying technologies at all.

@amolith Your points are right. The stabilty and data centre problems for Disroot are a concern. I wish them the best in their mission of decentralization. @turtle21

Thanks for the clarification. Indeed people just don't know how things work and believe anyone that would let them think that everything is encrypted on their server or that this thing that doesn't work is the provider fault. It is also funny that people that say they care about their safety just don't selfhost or use encryption directly client side. @amolith
@posrev @turtle21

@meaz I am sorry for the post about avoiding Disroot. We need people like you. All the best on your mission @amolith @turtle21

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