Since doesn’t currently have notifications on some platforms, i’ve moved to . Anyone have any experiences to share or warnings to beware?

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I cannot find anything about encryption on their site.
It contains 7 trackers, reporting you to Facebook, Google and others.
This is not an alternative to DeltaChat.

@rudolf i saw mention of AES256 here:

Otherwise, good catch on the trackers. Hope DeltaChat fixes the notification issue for iOS soon (though i am aware it isn’t entirely their fault)

They say nothing about end to end. That would be my first statement. I would not use it.
Have you looked if you can use polling with DC? That is slower than notification, but could still be usable.

@rudolf Glad you mentioned that. I wasn’t sure if it was end to end or not and planned to reach out to them. I will probably just steer away from Spike for now.

I read over the DeltaChat GitHub and found that they dont seem to be able to allow polling right now, but they are also working on a fix that they will hopefully test soon (PR hasn’t been merged yet but looks ready). Are there any other clients like DeltaChat you know of? If not, I’ll wait and test the fix

No, Delta is alone. But as they do the it right, I would wait.
It is better not to deliver a feature than to deliver it faulty or unsafe.

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