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Boosts appreciated🙏

When changing the resolution on my iMac 5k late 2015 I am experience an artifact (horizontal lines).

This happens on all Linux distros including xorg and wayland.

I know that the system has one of those three GPU's inside:

"AMD Radeon R9 M380/M390/M395",

but neofetch/lspci reports:

"AMD ATI Firepro M6100"

and my settings:

"AMD Bonair"

I am using the "Radeon" driver.

I've been dealing with the issue very long and need help from some LinuxPros.

Can any one help?

Having a small tech crisis and would appreciate some help.

I haven't been able to get 's live transcribe app to work in but don't see a reason given that Google's recorder app does transcriptions and works fairly well in microg. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is a hard requirement for me!

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Gmail is blocking emails with links to Tutanota. Spread the word to help us stop this!

Can any of you with more technical knowledge than I (especially on mobile browser ) say whether or not the top comment holds water?

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If you need to join a call, but don't want to use their proprietary client, just use in the browser!


Security researchers give strong evidence that is less secure than in a number of ways. I get that. What I don't get is the lack of discussion around the amount of irremovable telemetry and privacy concerns in Windows make it as negatively impactful as Linux in real world use for most nontechnical users. Doesn't Windows seem a bit like locking yourself in a safe room with an untrusted entity, where Linux is a regular room but without that? What am I missing?

For those of you using as a means of getting messages, what ping interval works best for you?

Since the recent store update, has anyone found certain apps to refuse to update and then not appear in searches if deleted in efforts to redownload? Also, some apps are just flat out missing.

Are “madaidan’s insecurities” regarding common knowledge in circles? I tend to see big pushes for , , and while discussions about the (in)security aspect get dirty looks.

Do you know of any free provider (including IMAP) better for privacy and reliability than ?

@rudolf I was just thinking, if I used DeltaChat with a contact who has gmail and doesn’t want to download DC, would autocrypt keep Google from seeing message contents?

Since doesn’t currently have notifications on some platforms, i’ve moved to . Anyone have any experiences to share or warnings to beware?

I’m finding that I instinctively have suspicion (though not necessarily judgment) when people disable read receipts. I send read receipts because I like giving people the courtesy of knowing something reached my eyes. The one time a person skipped right to complaining about a delayed response, I asked, “Is your opinion of me so low that you don’t think I had a reason not to respond?” This led to a great discussion about appropriate interpersonal relationships.

Are there any guides out there to make function a bit more like ?Even just the file system would be a great start.

I love privacy focused Android roms (Graphene and Calyx) and Linux on desktop, but iOS + Mac (or Android with GApps + Windows) is the only way to meet my needs..

Hate that I keep developing preferences for software that doesn’t fit my use case. How do I learn to like what I have to live with?

Today I was reminded of the time I walked into a restroom right as a female coworker was leaving it. I remember that in that brief moment of eye contact, she seemed to be giving me an apology.

Any confusion I’d had about the nature of that look was instantly lifted as I entered the restroom. The wall of smell intensified to the point that it grew arms of stench which crept up my nostrils and put my brain in a headlock. I reflexively began to cry.

Amazing what you remember randomly.

Anyone who works in a “helping” field (therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc) use ? Especially in private practice. Looking towards this for client contact but have questions

Anyone have any experiences with ? Wondering how reliable it is

Anyone know if uses an implementation of zero knowledge push notifications similar to when using GCM/FCM?

Have you ever just sat down with yourself and taken stock of how many of your insecurity driven thoughts become trauma induced decisions in a day?

Idk who needs to read this, but be kind to yourself. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" means you have to learn how to love yourself first-- truly believing you can be whole and allowing yourself the opportunit(ies) for positive growth-- before you can apply it to others.

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