Anyone know if uses an implementation of zero knowledge push notifications similar to when using GCM/FCM?

Have you ever just sat down with yourself and taken stock of how many of your insecurity driven thoughts become trauma induced decisions in a day?

Idk who needs to read this, but be kind to yourself. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" means you have to learn how to love yourself first-- truly believing you can be whole and allowing yourself the opportunit(ies) for positive growth-- before you can apply it to others.

I would like to understand why people wear a mask not covering their nose or either around their chin. I am trying to understand that viewpoint objectively and am having difficulty because I keep coming to the conclusion that I would just take the mask off at that point.

Working on tactfully direct ways to tell people why I respond to unencrypted messages with messages.

So far, I'm either tactful or direct.

I like . There, I said it.

Also, since I'm feeling saucy, has come a long way.

Not using encrypted messaging because you "don't want to download an app" is the same energy as not wearing a mask because you don't want to cover your face.

I've gotten both from various people lately, but strangely, it's always only one of these each person won't do. Never can figure it out.

What are some specific, real world examples of the dangers of use (I.e., how the unencrypted content of SMS has been historically misused) I can give to a contact who doesn't understand the need to use for secure messaging?

Is there any software on that recreates Adobe Acrobat's ability to "fill and sign" PDF files? I'm especially dependent on being able to create the signature within the software, as well.

As similar as Mac feels to some debian based Linux distros using the GNOME DE, I have a sneaking suspicion that Apple doesn't make their software available on Linux because they don't want users finding out they don't need Apple's cow since the free milk is just as good.

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Email encryption is important all around the world. Get your own secure email account now! 😀💪👇

Interesting conversation I had about and the way Apple is doing a good thing in a bad way, albeit for a good reason.

We found that Apple had tried to make iMessage a standard (carriers didn't want to play ball). Still, if they were going to lock users into encrypted messaging (good), did they have to make it something users on other platforms can't download (bad), and without educating users about why iMessage should NEVER be one's only messaging app (orders of magnitude worse)?

Day *gestures frustratedly with one hand* of using an iPhone.

Never have I used something that met my needs so well while simultaneously removing all desire to interact with it.

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Today, I am thankful for having seen a friend in person. We didn't get to see each other long, but I was instantly reminded of the good it does to just be in the vicinity of someone who receives you as you are.

Fidgeting with CalyxOS. I think it is still using the older implementation of MicroG. Could that be a reason for it not allowing certain apps to register for notifications?

So the people religiously recommending GrapheneOS (and , which I love) are also shaming people for using , which even the GrapheneOS dev vouches for in some detail as being legitimately private and secure. I think I need to stop reading for anything tech related. Any suggestions for better tech communities to lurk?

Card reader at the store needed to be rebooted and I caught a glimpse of my favorite little penguin in the process!

“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”
- Zora Neale Hurston

It would be nice if more and/or non-proprietary stuff were friendly. I’d love to use and , but neither have reliable (and being worse than is saying something...)

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