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Did anybody here degoogle their Pixel 4a 5G?

If so, how did it go and how's the usability compared to stock Android it came with?

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It's astonishing how smooth and thought out #kde's Plasma desktop is. Especially compared to the MacOS environment - all these little things and tweaks that make your life so much more comfortable overall. 🌈

It's better now:

Next: which means also taking care of the http headers for the app's functions.

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Just noticed that I've been ignoring security for 3+ years. Somehow thought that Netlify defaults to some sort of BPs, but that was a very wrong assumption. -.-

Got a '/likes' site now, mostly due to being inspired by the one @hjertnes runs -- thanks mate 🍻

Just came across this little FOSS email privacy service, leaving it here for the rest of you:

🎬 If you're into movies and/or series: you're welcome to check out this FOSS movie journal web application I started working on last year.

PS: no tracking or any other funny business.

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Here's a recent article I wrote on building a serverless reporting service for one of my app's data:

Time to learn TypeScript properly instead of bit by bit whenever necessary.

Noticed it's - this is my current setup. It's nothing fancy, but it looks good enough and gets me through the week.

Just discovered over Sunday morning coffee and quite like the idea.

Curating and consuming your own feed out in the open for others to read seems like a great way of sharing what you get inspired by.

Might build an Eleventy version of it to leverage it's build time JS execution when pulling in the data from the RSS feeds. 🤔

Joined the 512KB Club ( today after finding out about it yesterday.

Lot's of sites in there too, gonna take a while to check out all of them.

The new Firefox 89.0beta looks great! And they finally got rid of that address bar growing in size when focused too.

Came across this community today and decided to join. Looks like a great choice so far! Gonna leave this link here in case someone's curious:


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