@werwolf a good read, but I'm lacking alternatives on mobile devices. I'm using Brave with Blokada in the background and that's been ok for me so far.

@nhu Slipsum is great, just not always the right tool when you're working for business customers, haha 😂

music recommendation 

@sirvertalot no, I didn't. will check 'em out when I'm home though, thanks for bringing it up!

music recommendation 

This album is pretty close to perfection - as far as non-metal music goes.


@uwucookie hm, that sucks. no idea why it might be like that, but now you've got me worried and thinking about changing my email address.

I guess you could still use ProtonMail behind something like this (mailmask.me) though - works flawlessly for some of my newsletter subscriptions.

@uwucookie hm, this sucks: answers.netlify.com/t/i-cant-a

I'm using it with a GitHub account that's got a protonmail account in the background.

Maybe using the proton account with the @pm.me short domain would be a workaround?

@n0btc that's great, thanks for letting me know.

There's basically just one thing I need to get sorted out and that's an app I need for work 'cause it's incompatible with my work phone, won't even start. It's a PITA but I hope it can be resolved somehow.

@kenny thanks, that's a good point actually.

Been looking into GrapheneOS that you recommended and it sounds good: blackdragon.se/index.php/artic

@uwucookie to obfuscate the email address, as others have said. I used to do that in the past but haven't done it for years - didn't notice any effects whatsoever.

Then there's things like that too: jumk.de/nospam/
...but bots can still get to the text representation of an email address unless you hide it behind a button or whatever that just says "Send me an emai".

@kenny that's great, thanks for sharing.

I already came across this one which also mentions MicroG.

Did anybody here degoogle their Pixel 4a 5G?

If so, how did it go and how's the usability compared to stock Android it came with?

@sakkara @werwolf cool, thanks. I remember WITTR but it wasn't really for me; might check out the other names on the list 😉.

AFAIR, the last BM record I bought was MGLA's 'With Hearts Toward None' - a true beast of an album that I can't recommend enough. I'm actually surprised it still plays without skipping after the years of abuse it's been through.

@sakkara @werwolf been away from the 'scene' for a while, what's considered hipster BM these days?

@kzimmermann not really I guess. I'm wondering how I'd do today, my aiming thumb has gotten a lot more XP on PlayStation controllers 🤔

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