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Vor 8 Jahren wurde die Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Ö für verfassungswidrig erklärt:
Sie widersprach dem Grundrecht auf #Datenschutz und dem #Grundrecht auf Privat- und Familienleben.
Daran sollte bei #Chatkontrolle gedacht werden!

@jle stay away, it's not even been worth my time when I was actually looking for a new job 2 years ago. BS like endless 'upload you CV' forms to proceed, suggestions of flying around for interviews during the pandemic, misunderstanding of technical details etc.
So glad I deleted lin/xing after I got my current job, none of those characters to be bothered by anymore.

@lkhrs this is great, just recently finished the first season and really enjoyed it

I bought a while back and haven't done anything with it yet, classic side project fatigue.

Suppose it's time to make this thing, probably starting with a birdsite logo 🤔

@jason123santa thanks, read about that somewhere but haven't tried yet. I don't share my screen very often, but I'll keep it in mind.

Thanks everyone for all the recommendations, I went with Fedora 35 for my work Elitebook.

Everything's working well and as intended, incl. the fingerprint scanner and the 1440p BenQ monitor that was/is giving me nothing higher than 1080p when connected to Arch/Manjaro devices.

The only 'issue' is an incompatibility of the standalone Teams application with Wayland when trying to share the screen, but the browser version can be used as a workaround.

Overall a solid choice for a work machine.

@moddedBear thanks for pop os rec though, will keep that in mind.

@moddedBear I'd go for Arch but it feels too risky for a work owned notebook.

@simon not sure how much time I have but I'll definitely keep it in mind, thanks.

@theDoctor web dev mostly. Thanks for that feedback, wouldn't have been aware otherwise.

@almn76 thanks, tried that on a Dell last year and wasn't convinced. Might give it a shot again, maybe different on this much newer HP.

@sotolf yup, work notebook. Just my thoughts basically, hence the very "safe" poll.
For the private one, sure. Manjaro's just too comfy, but I've been tempted to go back to true Arch more than just a couple of times.

@benjaminhollon @sotneStatue cool thanks. Got a colleague running Fedora too and remember it being quite nice in 2011 or so.

@sotolf thanks for asking :) Ubuntu, Fedora a long time ago, Arch too, Manjaro on my personal devices for 2+ years.

~10 months with Windows and WSL were fun, but it's time to move on. HP Elitebook 850 G7, help me pick an OS pls:

@robert thanks for that, in the same boat really, so haven't done anything about it yet.

@robert @uoya @celia I also did fuse for a couple of smaller sites, was ok. Here's a pretty good resource on that:

Might be old news, but I like it more than I thought I would when I first came across it:

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