got updated today, it's got drag and drop sorting for the tasks now 🚀
It's been about a year since I released and I'm still using it daily, so check it out if you haven't already.

Loving this, might be the first year I also write one of those "year in review" posts, haha

Updated my little FOSS time tracking application ( over the weekend: I added a settings menu based on feedback I got from people over at Hacker News. It's a little more useful for everyone now, I hope.

PS: I'm still using it daily, so the ~4 days that went into building and maintaining it since February were a good investment :D

The current tabs were fine for me tb, but that useless gap in front of them when using windowed mode wasn't.

After messing around with userChrome for 5 mins, I'm much happier with how it looks.

PS: tested and working on both Manjaro and Windows, FF Dev. Edt.


Quite happy with how things turned out. Manjaro Gnome is a keeper.

I somehow prefer it over KDE visually (at the moment; KDE doesn't look 'ad' at all!), which is mostly due to the perceived visual consistency - there's nothing here that looks out of place.

Migrating my dotfiles was smooth, native mounting of BitLocker encrypted drives in Nautilus is great too - the KDE version needed a little help there.

Overally very pleased with the 2 days of testing and configuring I invested.


Next gen gaming is fun 😅

Time to learn TypeScript properly instead of bit by bit whenever necessary.

Noticed it's - this is my current setup. It's nothing fancy, but it looks good enough and gets me through the week.


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