Vue3, esp. using it with the Composition API and the latest `<script setup>`, is such a pleasure to work with.

Feeling so weirded out/borderline ashamed when looking at my older (Vue2) code, the abundance of `this` and the overall mess that is Vue's options API.

Context: rewriting my recipes app to practice TypeScript and to be able to add new features without breaking everything else.

@ttntm Nicew Do you not find it's easier to create messier code with the composition API? Currently using Vue 3 but with the options API because I like the structure it brings.


@booligoosh working as a 1 man team, it's easy to follow your own pattern, i.e.
reactive defs,
then functions=methods in alphabetical order,
followed by wachers/hooks
and finally initial method calls all the way down before the closing script tag.

That works well for me so far, but I haven't built anything bigger than about 10 views and maybe 30-50 component files.

Would bet on this pattern holding up in enterprise envs with 5+ people working on a project.

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