No idea what the general opinion on WSL2 might be, but using it feels like practicing dark magic.

All the usual "need this for work" stuff in Windows + not having to mess with things that just work when using it in Linux in WSL.

Native mounting of the respective other FS, forwarding of `localhost` to the browser running in Windows and all of that with a rather negligible footprint (brand new Elitebook 850 though).

After setting it up from scratch (~6 hrs): wow :O

Will update in a week or so.

@ttntm It's an amazing piece of tech, I've found it super useful. The main issues I've encountered are some confusion around DNS configuration between Windows and WSL, but those are minor if you aren't trying to debug DNS servers.


@JayT it is indeed, yes.

I was amazed that they somehow made localhost inside WSL available just like that from outside of it.

Can imagine that there'll be some issues in the future, but really got to admit that this was a very smooth start.

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