Thanks for the feedback to the 15 people that participated in my OS poll.

I tested all those OSes and some more via live USB in the last 72 hrs; here's the conclusion:

1. Endeavour OS
Nice, but didn't really feel as smooth and polished as Manjaro does.

2. PopOS
No comment; didn't even boot for some reason.

3. Elementary OS
Looked nice, but didn't really work well = threw some errors and then started ignoring application launches. Wouldn't connect to wifi either for some reason.


4. Solus Budgie
Looked super nice, but felt awfully sluggish, i.e. clicks in/on the app menu, notification drawer etc. having delays.

4. Manjaro Budgie
Took about 10 minutes to even boot, same issues as Solus re: performance.

5. Manjaro Gnome
First one I tried actually, spun it up again today and spent some productive hours with it.
=> going for that, looks great, feels great and will be a nice change coming from KDE.

@ttntm on which hardware are you hopping distros? I had similar problem with pop os.


@nihar it's a Dell Precision M3800 from 2013. Was my wife's and hasn't had anything but Windows on it before though.

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