Did anybody here degoogle their Pixel 4a 5G?

If so, how did it go and how's the usability compared to stock Android it came with?

@ttntm with a Pixel, you’ll probably want CalyxOS with MicroG if you want good app compatibility or GrapheneOS if you want extra hardening. Your experience will depend on your own expectations. See for crowdsourced compatibility.

@kenny that's great, thanks for sharing.

I already came across this one which also mentions MicroG.

@ttntm I believe Pixel phones have a better security model than other Android phones which is why there are Pixel-specific custom ROMs. LineageOS just supports more devices. If you use LOS, you’ll have a similar level of privacy but your device will be less secure.

@kenny thanks, that's a good point actually.

Been looking into GrapheneOS that you recommended and it sounds good:

@ttntm i degoogled my 3a XL with GrapheneOS and am happy i did. Works great. A few apps have to be replaced by mobile websites but otherwise i like it.

@n0btc that's great, thanks for letting me know.

There's basically just one thing I need to get sorted out and that's an app I need for work 'cause it's incompatible with my work phone, won't even start. It's a PITA but I hope it can be resolved somehow.

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