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Vor 8 Jahren wurde die Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Ö für verfassungswidrig erklärt:
Sie widersprach dem Grundrecht auf #Datenschutz und dem #Grundrecht auf Privat- und Familienleben.
Daran sollte bei #Chatkontrolle gedacht werden!

I bought a while back and haven't done anything with it yet, classic side project fatigue.

Suppose it's time to make this thing, probably starting with a birdsite logo 🤔

Thanks everyone for all the recommendations, I went with Fedora 35 for my work Elitebook.

Everything's working well and as intended, incl. the fingerprint scanner and the 1440p BenQ monitor that was/is giving me nothing higher than 1080p when connected to Arch/Manjaro devices.

The only 'issue' is an incompatibility of the standalone Teams application with Wayland when trying to share the screen, but the browser version can be used as a workaround.

Overall a solid choice for a work machine.

~10 months with Windows and WSL were fun, but it's time to move on. HP Elitebook 850 G7, help me pick an OS pls:

Might be old news, but I like it more than I thought I would when I first came across it: got updated today, it's got drag and drop sorting for the tasks now 🚀
It's been about a year since I released and I'm still using it daily, so check it out if you haven't already.

It's that time of the year: just published "2021In Review" ✨

Broke about 5 times today trying to get proprietary nVidia drivers to work.
Was surprisingly comfortable in TTY and didn't even need to look up what to do.
Other than that, I guess that this waste hour concludes the bogus idea of giving Steam another shot - so, screw that, I'll stick to my PS5.

Loving this, might be the first year I also write one of those "year in review" posts, haha

update I committed to a month ago: it's so we'll integrated I basically forgot it's there:

- Win Terminal launches zsh by default
- VS Code seamlessly works with WSL repos and with everything else I throw at it
- Dev servers run in WSL but are available in my Win browsers just like that
- Perf is great, maybe a little slower than working on native Linux

WSL Manjaro's got less than 200 pkgs, updates without issues and slaves away quietly. Battery is great too, despite the always on VM.

Vue3, esp. using it with the Composition API and the latest `<script setup>`, is such a pleasure to work with.

Feeling so weirded out/borderline ashamed when looking at my older (Vue2) code, the abundance of `this` and the overall mess that is Vue's options API.

Context: rewriting my recipes app to practice TypeScript and to be able to add new features without breaking everything else.

Windows 10: high disk activity was bothering me for days, finally found the reason today and got rid of it.

Updated my little FOSS time tracking application ( over the weekend: I added a settings menu based on feedback I got from people over at Hacker News. It's a little more useful for everyone now, I hope.

PS: I'm still using it daily, so the ~4 days that went into building and maintaining it since February were a good investment :D

PS: it's a new notebook I got from work, I'm still on the pure Manjaro Dell for all non-work things.

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No idea what the general opinion on WSL2 might be, but using it feels like practicing dark magic.

All the usual "need this for work" stuff in Windows + not having to mess with things that just work when using it in Linux in WSL.

Native mounting of the respective other FS, forwarding of `localhost` to the browser running in Windows and all of that with a rather negligible footprint (brand new Elitebook 850 though).

After setting it up from scratch (~6 hrs): wow :O

Will update in a week or so.

The current tabs were fine for me tb, but that useless gap in front of them when using windowed mode wasn't.

After messing around with userChrome for 5 mins, I'm much happier with how it looks.

PS: tested and working on both Manjaro and Windows, FF Dev. Edt.


Quite happy with how things turned out. Manjaro Gnome is a keeper.

I somehow prefer it over KDE visually (at the moment; KDE doesn't look 'ad' at all!), which is mostly due to the perceived visual consistency - there's nothing here that looks out of place.

Migrating my dotfiles was smooth, native mounting of BitLocker encrypted drives in Nautilus is great too - the KDE version needed a little help there.

Overally very pleased with the 2 days of testing and configuring I invested.

4. Solus Budgie
Looked super nice, but felt awfully sluggish, i.e. clicks in/on the app menu, notification drawer etc. having delays.

4. Manjaro Budgie
Took about 10 minutes to even boot, same issues as Solus re: performance.

5. Manjaro Gnome
First one I tried actually, spun it up again today and spent some productive hours with it.
=> going for that, looks great, feels great and will be a nice change coming from KDE.

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Thanks for the feedback to the 15 people that participated in my OS poll.

I tested all those OSes and some more via live USB in the last 72 hrs; here's the conclusion:

1. Endeavour OS
Nice, but didn't really feel as smooth and polished as Manjaro does.

2. PopOS
No comment; didn't even boot for some reason.

3. Elementary OS
Looked nice, but didn't really work well = threw some errors and then started ignoring application launches. Wouldn't connect to wifi either for some reason.


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